For over two decades, Zasco has been active in supplying agricultural inputs, mainly to North Africa and the Middle East. We have seen the market developing from traditional agriculture to a modern industry. Being a part of this trend encourages us to continue to supply our customers with the best products for their specific needs.
For any request of seeds for field crops and/or vegetable crops, please feel free to contact us.

We appreciate serving you with our products, knowledge and services.

Vegetable & Herb seeds

We have a large variety of vegetable and herb seeds. A small selection of these products is enclosed in the brochure, which you can view and download from this website. You can find the brochure by clicking on brochure in the navigation on top of this website.

Seed potatoes

Holland is famous for its excellent quality seed potatoes. Many varieties that are well-known in the Middle East are produced for us by selected farmers. The main varieties we supply are Spunta, Desiree and Nicola, available in both class E and A in new 25 kg Zasco bags.

Alfalfa planting seeds

We supply alfalfa seeds from California, U.S.A.
Excellent quality of standard varieties like CUF 101 and Siriver, as well as new improved varieties with higher yield and more salt tolerance like our new varieties Saltana and Catalina.